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A lot of us are bored. Watch these epic fails and get rid of the blues.

We all need to have a proper laugh, it's particularly useful for when you're bored out of your mind. It's also fun to laugh at other people's fails, especially when they're doing something that's almost guaranteed to not work out.

Take, for example, the one chump who climbed onto the roof of a kid's little outdoor play shed to do a strip dance. Roof caves in and the man falls down. Fail.

Then, there are those idiots who thought they could push their friend so hard on the swings that she'd go all the way around. Guess what? Nope, the lass just smashes into crossbar on the way down. Fail.

Let's not forget the genius who thought licking the beer tap in a pub would be great. Well, he immediately got his tongue stuck to the icy metal. Fail.

These are some of the fine gems you'll see in the video below, along with other people who just have bad luck or fall for pranks. Whichever way, we're sure you'll enjoy the show and beat those boredom blues right out of sight.

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