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Getting fit can be tough. It's not always easy to find that motivation on days where your energy seems to have disappeared. We really admire people who go out of their way to take care of their health and keep fit. But, the journey isn't always a smooth one and the pathway to success can be pretty bumpy.

These people were brave enough to admit it and even shared their most cringe-worthy gym experience and, trust me, they are enough to make anyone want to dig a hole and never appear again!

  1. "During a pilates/yoga class, I finally did a shoulder stand! I didn't think I could do it so I was so excited and proud of myself – until my boobs fell into my face and I literally choked on them for a few seconds before I fell out of the pose. Yikes! I didn't think anyone noticed until the teacher called as I was leaving class, 'Nothing like a mouthful of mammary to knock you down a peg or two!'

  2. "I once had a romantic moment with a rowing machine. I returned to a machine I'd used a few minutes before but hadn't realised that the tension on the machine had been turned down. I gave the bar a huge yank and shot off of the seat and landed with my crotch on the bar. My position meant that I couldn't release my feet from the pedals, and I sat there thrashing around until I could reach my feet. Dignity? Not on my watch, my friends."

  3. "[In college] I asked out my Econometrics TA that I saw at the gym. Before our racquetball date, I stewed for a week about whether I should beat her badly, just a little, or let her win. I decided to let her win. But as soon as I saw her line up, I knew I was in trouble. Turns out, her dad is a pro racquetball player. I never even saw the ball until it hit me in the head."

  4. "Once I was running on the treadmill and closed my eyes to sneeze, which caused me to trip, land face first, and fly off the treadmill."

  5. "I threw an exercise ball on the mini trampoline and it flung back, hit my fingers, which then hit my face," shared another Redditer. "I managed to grab the ball before it caused further chaos. Everyone around me either didn't notice or pretended not to. I probably looked like an idiot laughing to myself."

  6. "I peed myself while squatting in a busy gym," wrote Souponastick. "That wasn't the worst part. For whatever reason my brain decided I needed to announce it, so as I was coming up from the bottom of the squat I screamed, 'I'M F****** PISSING MYSELF!' Everyone looked and watched me clean up my puddle."

  7. "Tried to kill a spider while running on the treadmill," user little---dolly posted. "I lost my balance, fell down, got my shirt caught up and ended up with two scraped knees and treadmill road rash down one side of my face. Oh, and I didn't get the spider."

So, have you got any funny gym fails? Share them with us in the comments below. Enjoy the video!

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