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deadmau5's new Cube V3 is insane! Here is how it looks inside and how it works.

Whether you are a fan of deadmou5 or not, you have to give his team credit for the spectacular electronic shows they produce, from their upbeat electronic music to the strobe and LED display's to their iconic and highly recognisable DJ stand called the CUBE. Now, the latest version of the CUBE is called V3, and is able to rotate and tilt to add to the music concert.

The earlier CUBE designs were a lot more basic in the sense that they could not necessarily move and had limited LED display capabilities. deadmou5 and his team wanted to take the CUBE V3 design to the next level. They decided to engineer it in such a way that deadmou5 could perform inside the CUBE as opposed to behind it like in the previous versions. To limit any potential viewing obstruction from the crowd, the team designed the CUBE in such a way the CUBE can rotate around deadmou5 and tilt at a different axis to add to the wow factor of his shows.

A computer program allows the CUBE to rotate at different speeds and patterns and display graphics at matching tempo with the live music, which can all be controlled by either deadmou5 via a large touchscreen at the DJ desk, or by the crew.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Sam Sheffer, on Inside the insane deadmau5 CUBE V3!

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