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We often take simple things for granted but, occasionally, when we see what goes on behind the scenes it amazes us.

We see cyclists riding the Tour de France but do we see what happens before and after?

The inside of a guitar looks like a beautiful modern apartment with a skylight in the middle.


Ever wondered how pavements consist of perfectly placed bricks and wonder how long it actually took? Bricklaying in the Netherlands is more simple than you ever imagined.


A good movie will suck you in and make you truly believe that you are in the moment with them. But its so far from reality when you see everything behind the stage.


Battleships look huge and intimidating and they are supposed to be indestructible. But, when you take away the water from the bottom of the ship, it looks like it forgot leg day!


We all think babies are adorable but here's what it looks like in the very first stages of formation. It's pretty amazing that something so microscopically tiny turns into a human being.


A vault door simply seems like a bigger, heavier door with a little keypad used to open it,  revealing really important things inside, right? Well, the inside of the vault door is so much more complicated than we thought!


We never really think about how power line towers get there. It just kinda arrives right? Well, technically they have to be dropped off...


All those pictures of people looking like they are holding up the leaning tower of Pisa... Well, technically, it's a leaning tube because its empty inside. Yes, your whole life has been a lie!


Before artichokes end up in a container soaked in oil and garlic, they actually look like really colourful plants. 


New Years is the best time of year, filled with colourful fireworks, but the inside of one looks like a circle full of bullets!


Traffic control doesn't just involve fixing busted traffic lights. Check out this traffic control room in Beijing. 


Looking at things from a different perspective can give you a whole new picture!

Check out the video below for more amazing perspectives of things we may take for granted.


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