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We all have been fascinated by the arts and tricks of a magician.

Studies shows that the number of magicians in the world is very small, and that only one person out of 25,000 knows how to perform small magic tricks.

Now, nine of the most brilliant tricks have been revealed for anyone to learn.  

The Darcy Oake’s dove illusion

In Series 8 of Britain’s Got Talent, the audience was shocked by the Canadian illusionist, Darcy Oake. He performed several magic tricks with doves, including the trick where the magician makes a pigeon appear from a burnt feather. Now, I hear you ask, how did he do that?

Well, the feather that Darcy showed the audience before lightning it up, was a piece of special paper known as flash paper.

Flash paper is commonly used by magicians when they wish to create quick large flashes of fire. They use the flash to hide brisk moments of illusions from the audience.

Making the dove appear, Darcy used the flash to quickly take the pigeon out from a secret pocket hidden in his sleeve.


David Copperfield’s death saw

The magic trick where a person will be cut in half while in a wooden box, is one of the best classic magic tricks in the book.

The secret of this trick is in the table underneath and a gap between the tables where the saw blades can pass through. One person will be lying in the one side of the box and will present the first half of the body, and a second person will be lying in the second part and represent the second part of the body. The first person's legs are bent into the table and the second person's upper body will be hidden in the table below.

Passing through the wall trick

A wall is placed on stage that looks and feels realistic. The magician will approach the wall from one of the sides and will have an assistant who will hide the magician with a screen on wheels.

There is a special v-shape tunnel under the wall. The magician only needs a second to go through the tunnel to the other side.

The turning-water-into-ice-in-a-second trick

The magician pours some water into a cup and turns it into a ice cube within a second.

Now this is an easy trick to pull off. The secret of the trick lies in the cup of the magician.

The magician already places an ice cube along with a sponge – which is the same colour of the cup – into the cup. The sponge is at the bottom to absorb the water the magician will throw in, creating the illusion that the magician created an ice cube when he turns the cup over, revealing the ice cube and no water.

Jamie Raven's lemon trick

Magician, Jamie Raven, from Britain’s Got Talent, pulled a signed note from judge Alesha out of a lemon that was kept intact.

After Alesha signed the note, Jamie folded it and showed the audience. But, while he was folding the note, he instantly switched to a palmed piece of paper in his hands.  With the signed note still in his hand, he took a bag from Alesha, reached in and stuffed the lemon, and gave Alesha the chance to take the note out.

Twisting an iPhone trick 

One of the most famous magicians, Dynamo, once performed this trick in front of people on the streets, leaving every member in the audience shocked.

He took a spectator's iPhone and magically rotated its center. The trick left the phone in a half screen and half back state.

How did he do it? He prepared a half back cover of an iPhone and in the process of doing his trick he put it over the screen.

Phone in a bottle trick

This trick is where a magician holds a plastic bottle or any other container in his hand, shows everyone that it's an ordinary empty bottle, asks for someone's phone and, in three seconds, the phone has magically ended up inside of it.

There are several ways magicians pull of this trick. One of the most popular ways is wearing a special finger thimble, with a small but very sharp blade to cut a line in the bottle after showing the audience that the bottle is whole.

A can on a card

This trick consist of the magician taking a card and making a can stand on top of it.

This is actually one of the easiest tricks that any beginner can pull off. The card used by the magician is actually T-shaped, and can be made at home with two cards. That way the can, can easily balance on the card.

The rising card trick

In this trick, the magician asks a person to randomly choose any card from the deck and place it back.

The magician then makes some magical moves around the cards and the card is popped out of from the deck. How does the correct card pop out?

When the person places the card back in the deck, the magician puts it in front of a card with a special mechanism. The mechanism is a small pad that sticks to the card and moves it upwards, which creates the illusion of it popping out.


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