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Vape – the only way to look like a human chimney without literally swallowing tar. Smokers hate it, smokers trying to quit are addicted to it and non–smokers just love to taste the flavors.

People have now taken it to a whole new level, making it into an art piece. Their tricks put the traditional smoke rings to shame. You can actually become YouTube famous for vaping like a pro. It's almost like these guys are using mind control on the smoke. Add some awesome music to it and it's mesmerizing to watch.

There is a foundation of 13 'basic' tricks which these vapers build on in the most amazing way, creating such a following that there is a competition called the VC Cloud Championships. The vapers go head–to–head in a very smoky room, blowing out their best tricks with the support of their sponsors. Yes, they get sponsored!

Thinking of a career change now? Well, are you a vape king?

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