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Don’t remember Darryl Jacobson? He was introduced in the Team Thor shorts that took place between Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor and Darryl ended up living together for a short time in Australia while the Asgardian figured some things out, but Thor eventually went back to saving the world.

In the wake of Thanos’ 'snap' in Avengers: Infinity War, fans have slowly been figuring out which characters we didn’t see on screen that may still be alive. For example, we know half the animals in the galaxy were killed. But the most humorous reveal now comes straight from Australia and Thor’s roommate, Darryl.

While Captain America and Iron Man were fighting, Thor took a short break in Australia. He lives with a local ordinary office worker, Darryl Jacobson, while trying to figure out what is going on inAsgard. As he does this he is interviewed by a news team and talks about daily life in Australia, showing short segments of events, such as his visit to a kindergarten, an attempt to send an email, with Darryl's help, to Tony Stark concerning his conflict with Captain America. It also shows him drawing a painting about the connections among the Avengers team members, Nick Fury and Thanos, who he describes as "the purple man in the floating chair".

Lastly Thor and Bruce Banner meet at a cafe but, when which prompts Banner to pretend that he received a phone call from Tony Stark.

It's hilarious, we hope you enjoy it!

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