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Funny ads are the perfect cure if you’re having a bad day. Not only are they creative and funny, but they also seem to give us that warm fuzzy feeling towards a brand.

Yes, some ads are foreign, literally. But if they’re any good, they’ll still make us laugh out loud without even being able to understand the language.

It seems as if YouTube user, Dalibor Truhlar, loves European commercials just as much as we do. So much so that he made a compilation of his top 10 favourite commercials.

From the cute Jack Russell who didn’t recognise the interior of his owner’s home since they redecorated with Ikea, to the screenwriter’s incredibly believable story for Canal+.

Watch Truhlar’s video below for 10 hilarious European commercials. Our favourite is definitely the Smart car ad where the guy forgets that there are other people in the car with him.

And in case you’re wondering, we’re never eating bananas in public again. Ever.

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