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Rollercoasters are a mix of thrill, excitement and just a little bit of fear. People love to experience the sheer terror of plummeting towards the ground for some reason, hence the many amusement parks being built around the world. But rollercoasters have evolved over time, becoming slightly more terrifying but, with this comes terrified faces which can be pretty funny.

Then came the addition of cameras to capture these terrified faces in the midst of being shaken around upside down, making for some pretty funny photos and videos. We can imagine the controllers processing the photos having a good laugh. Of course, people had to take it to the next level and troll the photo system. Again, very entertaining, but this time on purpose, with people getting super creative (we aren't sure how they managed to do this in the midst of the feeling that they might die at any second).

Even Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart gave it a go (RIP to the bug who decided to join the ride).

Check it out in the video below.

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