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Kristen Bell is not afraid to get real! She recently improved and evolved "mansplaining" into something called "momsplaining", much less condescending and pretty funny. She explains everything parent and baby related to expecting moms, adding her unique quirky sense of humour to it, and she doesn't hold back. The show is aired on The Ellen Show and her introduction is: “Parenting is hard AF. I created two tiny humans. Does that make me an expert? Not exactly. But I do know moms can learn from each other. And I want to share what I know.”

Her aim is to be refreshingly honest to prepare parents about the myths associated with parenthood, with the assistance of a couple of guest stars along the way. She covers everything from crashing a prenatal class to throwing a kids party which doubles up as a party for the adults too.

Its pretty funny for both parents and kid-less adults everywhere!

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