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It became clear that most of our four legged friends can’t wait for the snowy weather to start. Many pups have figured out that the fluffy white snow makes for the perfect surface to dive through. However there is one dog in particular that achieved a higher level of understanding snow and how it works. 

For this little pup, snow isn’t just a fun way to play with water without getting completely wet, but it also makes for a fun building material.

Sara Onderwater shared adorable footage of her dog’s sweet and unique kid-like way of playing in the snow. The cute pup realised that she can create her own snowball if she rolled a little clump of snow around with her muzzle and paws. 

Watch the cute dog in action in TikTok:  https://www.tiktok.com/@saraonderwater/video/7046445445266099462

“She has the time of her life in the snow,” Onderwater wrote.

It's not clear just how the clever dog discovered her new favourite activity. However as long as snow keeps falling, making snowballs will just stay her thing. 

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