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Snapchat posts have been circling social media creating some of the funniest memes. But what could be better than a hilarious Snapchat? A dog Snapchat!

Dogs don't care about their street rep, they just have fun being their adorable selves – which can sometimes lead to some pretty interesting situations. Of course, it's an owners job to catch these moments on camera and, therefore, we present to you the collection of funniest animal Snapchats!

You could train your dog, or you could get with the modern times and show him a how-to video to learn himself. I don't see it as lazy, I think of it as being smart. 

Dogs genuinely adore their humans and will do almost anything for them, even read a book in the park and it definitely makes for a very cute picture.

Have you got any cute dog snaps? Post them below!

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