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We all have seen several videos online where ‘wild’ animals show that they actually have a heart for humanity. Whether it is coming to say hello in an unexpected way or coming closer for a little attention and love. Wild animals have proven that they are not all wild and unfamiliar with kindness and love. 

One wild little red fox in particular showed that wild animals can also have an ear for talent while he was patiently listening to talented musician in Boulder Colorado, Andy Thorn practicing his banjo. The wild red fox come over to listen to him play. 

One might think that a wild animal will keep its distance or phase around when it’s curious, well not this little guy. The curious vulpine took a seat close to Thorn and listened to the beautiful banjo and guitar sounds for a while before getting up to go. However when Thorne stopped playing, the fox came over to ask for an encore performance.

“When your summer tours end, so you’re testing out some new material on a fox — and they come back for an encore.” This was however not the first encounter Thorn had with the curious fox. The fox had previously visited Thorn while he was playing a beautiful 12-string guitar and singing and old favourite, Fox on The Run to the adorable wild fox.

Thorn told Americana UK that the fox provided him with a great deal of inspiration and feedback. “The fox provided constant feedback. Sometimes he was kind of a snob. He would’ve preferred for all the songs to be about him.” That inspired Thorn and his wife Cecilia to write a song about the fox during lockdown.

“We wrote a song about this little dude, and how he’s our best quarantine buddy.”

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