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Here's a chunk of rather unusual, awesome jobs you've probably never thought about.

For instance, what about cooking for warthogs, emu, lions, tigers, hyena's, spoonbills, bears, flamingos, giraffes and more? Well, there is such a thing called a zoo chef, and yes, the animals can also be very picky.

Every morning, the Commissionary Supervisor ('Zoo Chef'), Stacy Kyles, prepares around 350 pounds of food at the Oakland Zoo. Stacy's day starts off very early, before the sun comes up, as she has to get the food for the animals before she can prepare anything. On most mornings she literally has to get a ton of food from the early morning market, this can be overwhelming because the market is so big so she has to be organised to get out there as soon as possible.

Stacy says her day only really starts when she switches on the lights in the zoo kitchen. However, if you thinking of picking up this job, know that you will probably never get a day off and you will be preparing the same food the same way every day. But, if you really do love animals, I'd imagine this would be the dream job.

Check out the video below for more unusual jobs!

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