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Cats, dogs, and other pets are jam-packed into animal shelters across the nation. This makes the exceptional achievement of Adams County SPCA even more noteworthy. The Pennsylvania shelter announced in December 2023 that all of its animals had found homes, marking the first instance of such an occurrence in almost fifty years. The announcement was shared on Facebook along with a picture of staff members from the shelter posing next to the vacant stalls. 

Their Statement read, "Today is a great day for the Adams County SPCA! Two weeks ago our kennels were almost filled, now we don't have any dogs in the building at all (we have 1 cat that came in as a stray a little bit ago)!! Our community stepped up once again! This is the first time in 47 YEARS that the Adams County SPCA is empty let alone at Christmas time, it is a true miracle!"

Considering that their kennels were full just two weeks ago, this is amazing news. Every employee at the facility put forth a lot of effort to process additional adoptions, vaccinate, spay, and neuter, and return lost pets to their owners. The Adams County SPCA adopted out 94 animals and brought 26 pets back to their owners between November and December. The shelter reunited 120 pets in total in 2023, and 598 animals were adopted out. The Adams County SPCA announced their accomplishment and announced that they would be providing relief to other shelters in the vicinity that are still experiencing overcrowding. 

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