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Many people find insects disgusting, and moths in particular are often thought of as the more somber cousins of more colourful butterflies. Despite having over 160,000 documented species, moths are far from dull and uninteresting; they are far more common than butterflies. Beautiful varieties exist, such as the Diva Moth's shimmering glamour, the Fuzzy Bunny Moth's dense fur, and the Sesame Street-ready Rosy Maple Moth.

The Picasso Moth, or Baorisa hieroglyphica as it is officially named in science, is the clear winner of the Best Modern Art Moth award. The moth, recognised for its vivid, abstract patterns on its wings, illustrates one of the wonders of nature. 

Southeast Asia and Northern India are home to the Picasso Moth. Its wingspan is approximately two inches, and Smithsonian Magazine named it one of "the world's most interesting insects." The canvas of nature is these white wings. Their appearance is completed by two coral dots, two yellow streaks, and lines that resemble black paint streaks. The striking modern style is reminiscent of Vassily Kandinsky or Joan Miró, while the colours are reminiscent of a Mondrian painting. However, because of Pablo Picasso's notoriety, vibrant paintings, and standing in the canon of Modern Art, the moth has been dubbed after the artist. 

British etymologist and gifted artist Frederic Moore catalogued the moth in 1882. The moth consumes fruit nectar and is nocturnal. Its scientific name, hieroglyphic, comes from the Egyptian writing system and the design is a reference to hieroglyphs. However, the Picasso Moth is not the only insect bearing the artist's name; the Picasso Bug is also a creative and abstract insect. Insects have frequently been used as subjects in artwork and have even been used as raw materials for sculptures, paintings, and pigments.

Even though insects are something that humans would prefer to ignore or even eradicate, they are an essential and, as the Picasso Moth demonstrates, beautiful part of our environment. 

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