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National Parks all over the world are famous for their unique beauty and characteristics. However, not everyone sees the uniqueness and beauty it beholds. 

Various National Parks in America have received bad reviews from the less "outdoorsy" types. But, just when you thought poor comments are just ignored, one person has turned them into art.

Designer Amber Share used the snarky comments as inspiration, creating a series of hilarious travel posters featuring their remarks. She's titled her collection of artworks Subpar Parks.

Share, who holds a degree in graphic design, has a huge passion and love for typography. In creating the bad review posters, Share renders each artwork with colourful, retro-style graphics. 

She started her work by creating a poster for all 61 National Parks in America. Once she was done with those, Share continued to create graphics for other American landmarks. Share eventually expanded to "disappointing places" all over the world. 

One of her works includes a poster for Kosciuszko National Park in Australia, which, according to bad reviews, is apparently "Not Epic". In another artwork for the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Share got her inspiration from a disgruntled visitor who claimed it was "Amazingly Boring".

Not only does she create a poster with the awful review, but she also shares her work on Instagram, comically explaining why she disagrees with the bad reviews. 

Sharing her poster for Fire Island National Seashore, which reads "A bit of a let down", Share explained further. She said, "I really don't get how you could be let down by a beach where you can sail, swim, fish, hike, camp, canoe, kayak."

Another poster for Lake Mead includes the quote, "Nothing scenic about it". Share strongly disagrees and wrote, "Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the U.S., formed by the uber-famous Hoover Dam! If that's not cool enough, the National Recreation area actually contains a second lake (Lake Mohave) and covers part of 3 different deserts! Sounds like a pretty damn good place to spend a day or two if you ask me."

With her creative designs on the 1-star reviews, she hopes her works "put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset." Being a nature lover herself, Share uses her art to raise awareness of the beauty of these National Parks. 

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