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It's possible that the wacky new flowers at Sennyuji Temple in Kyoto look different from the ones in a typical garden. A delicate garden of flowers that appear to be floating in midair has been designed by Takahiro Matsuo's LUCENT for the Rakuchu Kansei Art Exhibition in 2021. This piece, called simply Transparent Flowers, is composed of prisms and steel wires that bloom along a garden at the temple's entrance.

The Sennin No Niwa Garden, created by contemporary Japanese landscape architect and garden historian Mirei Shigemori, is home to flowers. The sparingly invasive installation by LUCENT temporarily revitalises the area while highlighting the historic site's beauty. The delicate steel stems allow flowers to sway gently in the wind, and the transparent petals reflect light and give visual complexity to the garden. 

Matsuo of LUCENT is well-known for his installations that manipulate one's perception of a space through the use of light, technology, and programming. "Phenomena and regularity of nature, subtle expression of light using imagination, and emotional artwork based on an intuitive participatory approach" are all studied in his installations. 

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