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When Hemesh Chadalavada was twelve years old in 2018, his grandmother made herself a cup of tea and neglected to turn off the gas. After this incident, Hemesh spent hours researching robotics on YouTube to see if he could make a tool to detect these mishaps even if he wasn't present. The teen's research eventually led to the creation of the Alpha Monitor, a badge-like device that alerts caregivers of dementia patients if the wearer trips or falls.

Using data from a care facility managed by the Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India, Hemesh created the gadget. He placed first out of 18,000 entries in a science fair sponsored by Samsung in 2022 and was awarded a $120,000 grant. As a result, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote that he "really admired" Hemesh on X, a platform that was formerly Twitter.

Hemesh's grandmother Jayasree passed away in 2023 from Alzheimer's disease, but the Alpha Monitor, a device created by the young inventor, has the potential to make life better for the more than 55 million people who suffer from dementia worldwide. After the exam season ends in March, the adolescent will focus exclusively on launching the Alpha Monitor by September. After the device is put up for sale, Hemesh intends to pursue robotics studies overseas. 

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