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While taking a cruse on his motorcycle through the mountains near Cebu in the Philippines, Junrell Fuentes Revilla came across something very unexpected. While driving a dog came out of nowhere and started running after him in panic. 

The dog barked and barked, desperate for Revilla’s attention. He could sense that the dog was desperately trying to tell him something is wrong and that he needs his help. Revilla decided to stop and see whats going on. After he got of his bike he followed the dog who led him into a dumpsite and toward a little squirming baby on the ground. 

 Gea Ybarita, a staff member at Hope for Strays explained, “To Revilla’s surprise, he found a baby wrapped in a brown towel. The location where the baby was found is isolated since it's on the top of the mountain.” Revilla steadily pick up the newborn and rushed to the nearest police station in the area. TheDepartment of Social Welfare stepped in later. 

Thanks to the dog’s caring heart and and quick thinking, the baby was found still in good health. 

After the story of the stray dog’s heroism started spreading through the local news, volunteers with the rescue Hope for Strays decided to venture the mountains looking for the hero.  Instead of finding the ‘stray’, the team came across a man who claimed that the brave dog, who is named Blacky, belonged to him. “He showed us the way to his home and to our surprise, Blacky was there with three other dogs. We've confirmed he is not a stray at all.”

The rescue workers were relieved that Blacky had a loving home however, he also has a though life. “[Blacky’s owner] stated, ‘No matter how hard life is, even though I'm poor, I feed all of my dogs and take care of them well,’” Ybarita said.

Blacky and his family have since received several support from the community, including donations of food, pet supplies and more. Little Blacky’s loyalty and kindness changed not only the baby’s future but also his family’s. 

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