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Have you ever seen those people that sleep so deeply that the world could probably end and they would have no idea! Other people hear the crunch of a dry leaf and are suddenly wide awake. However, this baby lies on the deep-sleep side. Luckily for her parents, who are grateful to get a full nights sleep, this baby literally zeeez through anything. Laura Iz is a work-from-home mom and has become an internet sensation for dressing her daughter up in the most ridiculous costumes while she is snoozing.

She literally shows us in the video that her daughter is fast asleep by picking up her daughters hand which just flops down and she doesn't even stir! It got so ridiculous that she even managed to stack Cheerio's on her daughter's nose!

She dresses her up as everything from meme's, famous people and even food! This sweet sleeping angel is going to have the best baby photos ever!

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