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When little Georgia’s family adopted her from the Linda L. Kelly Animal Shelter they immediately knew she was meant to be a member of their family. Georgia immediately settled into her new home, and formed a very strong bond with her mother. 

Little Georgia goes everywhere with her mom and even loves “helping” her while she she is busy working. Even though little Georgia didn’t mean to bother her mom, and only wanted to be close to her and share in her adventures, Georgia’s missions across her mom’s desk got a bit too distracting. Looking for a peaceful way to still work Bohon came up with the perfect idea. 

“My boss suggested that I play her some of the bird videos on YouTube on my second monitor so that she would let me work. Well, she didn't really care too much about the birds, but when the snakes came on, she went nuts!”

Clearly Georgia doesn’t mind the new distraction method as she now waits in front of the second monitor for the snakes to appear, every time Bohon takes a seat at her desk. 

“Once she sees the YouTube screen pop up, she starts chirping and meowing and then she watches the snakes, often pawing at the screen or checking under and behind the monitor to see where they went. Every time I get up from my desk and go downstairs, she comes with me, and so every time I come back upstairs she knows it's work time, and the snakes are her ‘work,’ so she's ready to go!” 

Georgia’s work to catch the snakes is incredibly important to her. “If I don't turn them on or don't turn them on fast enough, she'll bat at my hand, usually with soft paws, but if I try and ignore her, the claws come out, or [she’ll] start patting her monitor with her paw. She’s a nut!”

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