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Have you ever had an awkward period of time between an appointment and another meeting? That random 10 minutes where you simultaneously have time and yet have no time to really do anything productive.

Sure, it would be nice to head home and have a cup of coffee in your little 10-minute space of free time. But, with your commute, you'd have to turn right around the minute you got there!

So, what do you do during that awkward time period?

Introducing the Awkward Amount of Time Station!

This place is the best way to spend that 10 minutes doing something other than sitting on a bench painfully waiting for the time to go by before your next meeting.

Hungry? They have food. But not full meals – because you don't have time for that. 

Need a quick charge for a device? They've got you covered.

Still twiddling your thumbs? Maybe you can watch the last 10 minutes of a movie – because they have cinemas for that here!

Watch the video and see how you could be spending that awkward period of time in your day!

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