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You come home from work. Your couch is destroyed, your curtains are ripped and everything has been pushed off the counter. There is only one thing that could do this....a cat!

Cats can be real a*$holes so keeping them busy is a much better way to divert their evil plans to destroy furniture and pull apart cupboards. Sure, the pet "experts" will call it "separation anxiety" but we all know they are really trying to find a way to take over your house but as soon as you walk, they turn on the cute fluffiness to make you feel guilty. Well, NO MORE! We are here to help you with some kitty cat hacks that will keep them busy without breaking your bank account or your curtains!

Cats are like little kids in the sense that you could buy them to most expensive toy in the shops but they will still want to play with the box first. Save the cardboard boxes that your appliances come in and your cat will spend endless hours bounding in and out of them. Just be wary, the sneaky things might just jump out the box at you!

YOUTUBE FOR CATS!!!! yes, it exists and it's literally just hours of birds hopping around to keep your kitty interested or even small cartoon mice crawling around the screen for your cat the bat their paws at.

You know all those hair ties you bought a week ago but only found stashed under bed yesterday thanks to your cat? Well sacrifice a single hair tie and attach some string and bits of material onto it to make the ultimate toy!

For more tips to keep your cat busy, check out the video below!

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