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On the 4th of March, celeb fans were glued to their TV's all over the world as they waited with anticipation to see their favourite stars, what they were wearing and if they got to grace the stage for winning an Oscar. One of the main focus points of the event is celebrity dresses. Who was dressed best and who looked like they came out of a child's dress up closet?

Many celebrities decided to go the bold route, sporting eye-catching dresses that made them the centre of attention and other decided to go for a subtly glamorous gown.
Nicole Kidman decided to take a risk and go bold in her pouffy blue gown that fitted tightly over her curves with a large bow in the front. The fashion gurus had mixed reactions to the dress as it was definitely a risky fashion statement. Lupita Nyong'o's beautiful dark skin glowed against her slim-fitting gold and black dress making her one of the best-dressed celebs of the night.

Blanca Blanco revealed a lot with her plunging neckline all the way down to her belly button with contrasting red and white colours. This was also quite a bold move as showing skin worked against her last year when her high slit was a little too high for walking on the red carpet. She clearly didn't have any qualms about wearing the most revealing dress of the evening.The down to earth Best Actress nominee, Margot Robbie rocked an understated white dress, flaunting her effortless beauty. Allison Janney wore a modestly elegant red gown far from the style she rocks in her latest I, Tonya movie.

Indie singer St. Vincent decided to show off a little leg in an interesting art-rock styled dress with a largely oversized sleeve on one shoulder. Maybe she was trying to sneak out some shrimp from the buffet for dinner? Emma Stone decided to glam down with black silk pants and a red blazer but US talk show host, Kelly Ripa made up for that in a pouffy black gown with a touch of colour at the back. Some say the dress resembled that of a Liquorice Allsort.

Rita Moreno decided to do a bit of reminiscing and wore the same dress she wore to the 1962 Oscars. The Black and gold gown is made from the same material as Japanese kimonos showing the world that true style is timeless.

Salma Hayek and Andra Day seemed to rack up the least support for their dresses. Salma Hayek's dress was described as "those dolls your grandma used to put over the top of the toilet roll". While Andra Day's confidence on the Red Carpet was admirable, to say the least, her dress was excessively frilly and made out of material similar to those your grandma uses in her bedroom. Although Jennifer Lawrence has decided to take a year off for some R&R, she still brought the celeb glam factor to the Oscars in a slim metallic dress. Betty Gabriel pulls off green like no other in an emerald green gown with a plunging neckline and gold detail down the front.

Understated and nude seemed to be a popular choice as Allison Williams, Abbie Cornish and Elizabeth Moss decided to opt for neutral tones with just a touch of sparkly detail. Taraji P. Henson showed off her fierce side as always in a black halterneck dress with black netting and a provocative high leg slit.

Zendaya was considered the best-dressed celeb in her Grecian style draping dress in a deep maroon colour perfectly paired with a sleek ballerina bun. Gal Gadot displayed her gorgeous glowing olive skin in a floor-length silver sparkling dress, similar to a style you would see in the 1920's. Eiza Gonzalea, The Baby Driver actress opted for a bright shade of yellow in a plain Ralph Lauren dress.

Which celeb caught your eye as they strutted their stuff on the Red Carpet?

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