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It doesn't matter how much time has gone by or how many birthdays she's had, a father will always see his daughter as his little girl... even when she's an adult.

A father will reminisce on the days he used to dress up his little girl in pink onesies and ribbons in her hair. But, inevitably, that little girl will grow up and find her own way – and her own style!

Well, in this video, fathers get the rare chance to go shopping and dress up their little girls again! They get to put their opinions into action and finally dress their daughters in what THEY think is stylish and appropriate.

Of course, you get the typical Daddy comments like: "You've got great legs... but you don't need to see them all the time!"

But sometimes, Daddy knows best. And we get some pretty accurate comments such as: "I would say she should never wear this skirt again. It also looks like it could be on a table."

No offence girl, but your Dad has a point there. 

This could be very daughter's dream or her worst nightmare!

Watch the video to see...

Would you ever let your dad dress you?

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