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Palm trees can live to be hundreds of years old, outliving all of us humans. Not only do they have a long lifespan, but these trees grow to get quite big. 

The size of palm tree varies hugely according to the species. The average palm tree is 32-50 feet tall, which sounds pretty impressive, right? However, one of the tallest species of palm tree in the world, known to be the wax palm, can grow to a giant height of 200 feet. 

Living this long, palm trees have to be maintained over the years as they can cause damage to their surrounding. However, that is not always the easiest task at hand. Concerned about a towering 100 foot palm tree, a daring arborist in San Bernadino, California, decided to maintain the situation on his own. 

Due to the top-heavy crooked palm tree, the possibility of it causing to humans and property arrived. The arborist climbed the leaning trunk like a cowboy and cut off the offending fronds that were weighing it down. 

In his process of trimming the tree, the trunk suddenly snapped back, taking the man for a terrifying high ride. This process definitely took a lot of courage and skill to pull off.  "The man who climbed the palm tree climbed to cut it because the palm was already crooked, causing danger to people who live nearby and passing through there.”

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