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Most of you know that a wine glass is not only for drinking wine, but can also serve as a beautiful instrument known as a glass harp. A very talented musician Petr Spatina, dedicated his musical talents to playing melodies with drinking glasses. What might be seen as an elaborate party trick is actually a musical discipline. 

The practice comprises upright wine glasses which are each filled to a different level with water to create a different note. Spatina runs his fingers around the rim of the glasses in different combinations and the vibrations create a variety of notes. The result is a delicate and lush sound reminiscent of the string harp.

Spatina has been playing music for most of his life where he first started at a young age learning the accordion and the piano before eventually mastering the glass harp. The glass harp eventually became his instrument of choice. For two decades now, Spatina has been writing and playing his own music. 

Spatina now wows passerbyers ons the streets with his combination of beautiful music and the unusual sight of 33 drinking vessels on a table on the sidewalk.

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