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We can all agree that taking out the trash is one of the least favourite chores to do. Especially when you have to remember to accommodate the Trash removal workers who comes on a scheduled day. 

Engineer Max Maker has managed to solve that problem by getting very creative. Maker cleverly designed and build a train system that carries trash cans down the driveway, out to the curb, and then back again, out of sight.

“This trash train will move my trash cans from in front of the house all the way back into the garden where they are not visible from the outside.”

The bins are placed on perfect metal platforms that automatically ride the rails via an Arduino controlled motor. To make it even more comfortable to take out your trash, the whole system can also be activated remotely. Meaning, you can take out your trash any time, or even a minute after hearing the trash pick up truck, all from the comfort of where ever you might be. 

After a few test runs and tries too perfect the automated trash bin system, Max felt that he finally got it right and hopes to make it widely available to others. “The Prototype was a complete success and is functional and hopefully I can build on this in the future to make a commercial version.”

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