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Miguel Claro, a Portuguese astrophotographer, has once again captivated the public's attention with his enchanted photography. This time, he captured an in-depth photo of the International Space Station (ISS) during its solar transit. The space station crosses the Sun in just a few seconds, traveling at an average speed of 17,500 miles per hour. This adds to the image clarity of Claro, making it even more striking.

Claro describes his favourite aspect of this image to My Modern Met as "the fact that I could achieve this level of detail without stacking images, which is the typical technique used for solar imaging, but for the ISS, it is not possible to stack, so I developed a different processing method which worked pretty well, and I was surprised and very happy with the results." Time lapses are a common tool used by Claro in his solar photography to demonstrate the motion of our star. Therefore, his capture of this sense of motion in a single frame is truly remarkable. Clear weather and a stable atmosphere are two of the many conditions that must coincide for a clear view of the Sun, but with the right tools at his disposal, Claro could carry out his plan.

"I aspire for this picture to evoke feelings that can convey the universe's beauty—in this instance, the Sun's spectacularity,” says Claro. "But also our ability to accomplish enormous feats as a species: collaborate with one another, set aside political differences, and construct the biggest artificial structure in space—the International Space Station—which can house humans permanently and is an amazing man-made satellite orbiting our planet."

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