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There are many reasons to adore foxes. Their adorable antics, fluffy coats, and cute faces make them very endearing. They are special, though, in another way. Just as we can laugh, so can they. A video of one of the red foxes at Save A Fox, a Minnesota-based fox rescue, giggling with joy after getting some belly rubs was shared. The high-pitched titters initially resemble human sounds. But as you observe, you soon come to understand that Finnegan, a fox, is the one producing the noises.

Even as Save A Fox founder Mikayla Raines dutifully scratches his fur, he smiles with delight. By the way, the fox expert coos at him throughout the video, it is obvious that this is as much his favourite part of the day as it is the expert's. For more than ten years, Raines has worked with foxes. She says, "Several years ago, I took in a tame pet fox and that's how I learned about the world of domestic foxes." Domestic foxes are distinct from wild foxes in that they are raised in "fur farms" to produce offspring for the pet trade and are born in captivity. It is against the law and morality to release foxes raised in captivity into the wild.

Raines established Save A Fox in 2017 after realising there were many domestic foxes in need of secure homes. "A lot of the foxes at Save A Fox are from fur farms, pet surrenders, or were taken from their owners due to an illegal circumstance," the spokesperson continues. Thus far, her efforts have saved roughly 150 foxes, among them the gregarious Finnegan.

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