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The Bladesmith Even at the young age of 19, Tristan Dare is already becoming well-known. He has been creating knives that are genuine works of art for the last five years. Interestingly, too, he frequently uses antiquated materials in his blades. Nebula, his most recent creation, was created using one of the oldest meteorites ever discovered—it is thought to be 4.5 billion years old. The blade, embellished with opal, gold, and an old woolly mammoth tooth, is a work of art.

Last year, Dare demonstrated on his YouTube channel how he meticulously shapes meteorites into a blade. The meteorite is polished until it is flawlessly sharp, step by step. The use of meteorite as a material gives Dare's creations a distinctive look. Beyond the cool factor of using a meteorite as a knife, the pattern of the old metal still has visual appeal. 

Dare claims that he developed an early interest in doing manual labour. He began woodworking at the age of eleven, motivated by his grandfather's passion for the craft. Following a number of years spent doing woodworking and participating in competitions, Dare started making his own tools and chisels. This marked the start of his mental adventure.

He plunged headfirst into the realm of bladesmithing, self-taught, and hasn't looked back. He is now continuously pushing himself to reach new heights and searching for unique materials to add to his blades. Dare frequently uses meteorites in his work, which gives his blades a distinctive sheen. He also likes to use unusual and ancient materials for his handles, such as rare woods or mammoth tusks.
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