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Just when you think we’ve broken all stereotypical ideas and myths the world has of South Africa, a pride of lions decides to show us exactly who’s king of the jungle.

A businessman from Limpopo went to check on his dad’s house in a wildlife estate near Hoedspruit. The house is on the market and because it’s been empty over the festive season, David de Beer went to check if everything is still OK.

Well, if you consider a pride of lions just chilling on the veranda as OK, I guess he was pretty pleased with the state of things.

News24 reports that de Beer noticed a tail as he opened the front door and then cautiously went ahead and entered the house. He was aware of the fact that the lions would have been able to jump right through the glass doors if they wanted to attack him, so he ensured that he had access to the door at all times.

Because of the estate’s layout, the animals have a lot of space to roam freely without human interference.

"The houses are built on stands, but they are in the bush, so there are no fences between the houses. You don’t see your neighbours because they are far enough from you, and there is just bush around you, so the animals are able to roam free between the houses."

Well then, it looks like lions and other wild animals really do roam free in South Africa.

Watch the video posted on News24 below.

Image credit: News24

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