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Photographer Cody Evans loves shooting all types of images. His Instagram is full of pictures of birds, motocross and stormy landscapes. On an exceptionally stormy day in Ontario, Evans arrived at Lake Erie. While there, he took about 10,000 pictures of the crashing waves. 

Back at home, he went through the images on his computer, and  one of them stood out over the others. This is as clear as possible. A face in the waves.  Evans was amazed at what he saw, saying that  Poseidon's face seemed to emerge from the water. In fact, Wave has all the features you would expect from a face. Sunken eyes, protruding nose, small mouth and tangled hair.  

In the three years  Evans has been visiting Lake Erie to photograph the waves, he has never seen anything like it. He said he was "surprised". “You can see a lot of these things in waves and  clouds, but it was unrealistic to have  that kind of clarity. This picture definitely stood out from all the others." 

 The picture was taken in November during strong  wind gusts over the Great Lakes. According to Environment Canada meteorologist Daniel Lyota, these gusts typically occur during the transition from autumn to winter as  the water is relatively warm compared to the surrounding air. Wind travels great distances across the water, speeding it up  and creating large waves. Since these gusts happen every year, Evans is already making plans to return to see what  he can catch in these dynamic waves.

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