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Inside Edition visited Sean Redner with his wife, Hilary Siegel-Redner, who turned their Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, home into a museum dedicated to Redner's rescued cat statues. The museum has more than 13,000 cat statues, posters, sculptures and other art projects. Many come from all over the world. Redner said the hobby was wrong. 

“You can only have so many cat figurines or can you?  It was just a big accident and now it’s our entire house plus the basement, plus the storage unit. …This all started out of boredom.”

The museum is open to the public on certain days of each month. All proceeds will be donated to local cat rescue organisations. They have donated about $3,000 so far. Redner says she likes to give back to the community this way.

“None of this happened on purpose. There’s so much negativity out there and if I can just make someone happy, you know, bring a little joy to somebody, that’s what we’re gonna keep trying to do.”

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