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The ocean is a magical thing. It not only plays host to a plethora of incredible creatures but is also a magnificent way of moving and producing currents. As we know, the water has a way of changing as the tides change, from high massive crashing waves to smooth calming waves hugging the sands.

But, have you ever taken a closer look at the incredible waves created by the oceans to see, as they call it, the different moods of the seas?

Photographer Matt Burgess recently captured the mysterious beauty of the open waters through his hypnotic ocean wave photography. Over the past six years, Burgess has honed his eye for ocean photography and made it a ritual in his life. Recently, Burgess spent hours on the open sea in Victoria, Australia. He captured the white-capped crests and swirling colours of the different waves. 

His images provide an insight into what he calls the different "personalities" that the ocean has to offer. The water does not remain the same day after day. Sometimes the water is relatively tranquil, where you can see far beyond its horizon onto dry land. In other instances, the atmosphere is contentious with crashing tides delivered with a breathtaking force.

Burgess shared his mesmerising photos on Instagram. His images provide a deeper seeing and up-close view of the open waters. Some might say that it's as if we were in the ocean alongside the photographer.

Burgess' stunning images emphasise the glass-like finish of a single wave and show the beautiful reflections transmit not only blues but purple tones and the warm colours of the sun.

"One thing that draws me to the water most mornings, before the sun rises, is the relationship between water and light." For him, "there is no better way to start the day."

Here are some more of his breathtaking photos.

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