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Some of the best handmade gifts. This special gift is made especially for the recipient. It also comes with a funny backstory and jokes. One such gift has been in the making for an amazing 9 years, and each year it gets more fun and sophisticated. 

 At first glance, this sounds fairly common. A redditor named Georgie Washington shared a shirt she got from her brother over the holidays. But it's not just clothes. It's called "Shirtception" and features photos of George Washington in 2021 wearing  a 2020 shirt, a photo of him wearing a 2019 shirt, and more. Each year has a different "level" and it all started in 2014 when he was given a shirt with a picture of a smiling face glued to the body of the suit. The same photo appeared in 2015, but in a photo of George Washington wearing the first shirt. 

As time goes on, the present becomes more and more confusing. This is a sign of a great gift. This means that the package persists long after it is deployed. Now other people can get a little humour and joy too. After Georgie Washington shared all  the t-shirts (now) on Reddit, the post went viral and his fellow redditors have now invested and are already looking forward to the next holiday season. 

  Scroll down to see the shirt's evolution over the past nine years.

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