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A five-star review on an online shopping app went viral after it was spotted by an amused shopper. Her name was Amy Leigh, and she shared it on Twitter for everyone else to enjoy too.

The woman gave a glowing review for a swimsuit that survived a shark attack. She said she was swimming off the North Carolina Coast when she "had an unexpected visitor take a swipe at my lower back".

However, the terrific J.Crew swimsuit "escaped unscathed", which took her "appreciation to a new level". The woman also included a photo of what appeared to be her lower back after the attack. The image showed the bruising following the incident.

The review has been liked and shared more than 50,000 times only in a couple of hours. 

The review post read: "I loved this bathing suit from the moment I tried it on, super comfortable and very flattering. But, a recent experience took my appreciation to a new level.

"I was swimming off the coast of South Carolina when I had an unexpected visitor take a swipe at my lower back – a shark. Despite leaving a huge bruise and red teeth marks on my skin, the bathing suit escaped unscathed. 10/10 would recommend."

Amy shared the review on Twitter and wrote: "This is absolutely what I'm looking for in a bathing suit review".

Several social media users commented on the tweet. One joked: "I absolutely have this suit and am looking forward to surviving an oceanic attack". Another one posted: "I'm terrified of sharks but can't stop laughing at this. I think I need this bathing suit".

"All bathing suit reviews should include what disaster you have survived or could potentially survive while wearing it", another comment read.

The review also inspired other social media users to share similar rave reviews about products that had helped them through similar ordeals.

A registered nurse, Shelby, also went viral after she shared a rave review of her eyeliner, which did not smudge a bit following a car crash. She even posted a photo of her flawless look while driving in the ambulance. "This product is truly amazing. June 28th I was pulled over in my car calling for roadside assistance when a distracted driver hit me going 55mph. I was taken via ambulance to the ER, where I remained for eight hours. My mascara was running down my face from crying, and all other products had been wiped off in the transfer to the hospital. But not my tattoo eyeliner. I am posting a pick to show you, this product lasts and looks amazing through anything. Never buying any other liner again."

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