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Taking a lie detector test is like being stopped by the police. Even though you have done nothing wrong, you still feel nervous. Getting hooked up to a whole lot of wires isn't exactly relaxing but poor Jennifer Lawrence had to be subjected to the terrors of a polygraph test.

Although visibly nervous, she powers through all of the questions (mostly) truthfully... She definitely lived up to her reputation of being refreshingly honest even when the questions get pretty deep and philosophical, like pineapple on pizza.

She did admit to being a psychopath when she was asked a moral question regarding a train speeding down the tracks about to hit a group of 20 people – if she pulled a lever she could direct the train to a track that would only kill one person. What would she do? The vixen obligingly elaborates that she thinks about pushing people onto the tracks all the time, saying: "I don't do it. I don't get tempted to do it, but it crosses my mind."

So, moral of the story, if you ever see J-Law at the subway, do not go say hello! Check out the video for some more brutally honest confessions!

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