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Date: 2018-11-21

Yes Theory has released a new awe-inspiring video on their YouTube channel, and I can guarantee it will give you those feel-good goosebumps.

This time the Yes Theory crew spent two days in an airport walking up to strangers asking them to change their flight and fly somewhere they have always wanted to go in the United States. After many people saying no due to work restrictions, school exams or flying internationally, they finally came across a small family who were on their way to Colorado and agreed to ditch their plans and fly to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The couple explained that they were freelancers and had previously lived the RV life for two and a half years, they had sold everything prior to living in the RV in order to escape the 'rat race'. The couple told Yes Theory that they only had two states left to visit before completing all of them, however, planning life got in the way until the inspirational Yes Theory channel took them by surprise and gave them that opportunity.

Watch the video below for a bit of spontaneity you could apply to your own life.

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