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Strawberries are very delicious and enjoyed by many people around the world. However,  next time you take a bite of any fruit,  you'll need to make sure they're washed thoroughly, especially after you've seen what you can find on their surface. In a  video recently posted to Twitter, a slice of strawberry is placed under a microscope and the subsequent close-up shows  small bugs crawling on it. So could it  be that tasty strawberries have microscopic bugs all over them?

While it remains to be seen if the Twitter footage is fully intact, there  are definitely bugs that live on and lay their eggs in strawberries. This phenomenon has gained attention in 2020 due to the TikTok trend of using  vinegar and salt  to pull maggots out of  fruit. Although not all strawberries  contain larvae, spotted fruit flies have been confirmed to actually lay their eggs in strawberries. This can lead to the appearance of bugs or  larvae if the fruit is placed in a mixture of vinegar and salt  for a while.

“This species is able to make a very fine incision that can’t be seen with a naked eye and lays its eggs in there,” shares entomologist Sriyanka Lahiri. “When the picker gets the fruit, they can’t even see that there’s an egg because it’s deep in the fruit. That’s why it escapes detection, and it’s not possible to detect that a fruit has been infested.”

But before you start throwing away your strawberries,  know that there is no evidence that ingesting pests that crawl on strawberries will do any harm.

As Lahiri immediately reminded us, eradicating all insects from fruits and vegetables is nearly impossible without increasing the use of pesticides. So just be sure to wash your fruit thoroughly before eating. 

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