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Being a teacher is not easy. Between daily classes, exams and the task of keeping the students happy, there is a lot of pressure on our teachers. Still, many teachers go the extra mile for their students, so it's important to recognise their efforts. Before closing in 2022, Sumner High School and Academy in Riverview, Florida hosted a dance between an eighth grader and her teacher, Ms. Yolanda Turner. A video of this hilarious fight has gone viral, thanks in large part to Turner's amazing dance moves that blew her class away.

The clip begins with one of the students  in the middle of the class showing his talent while other eighth graders cheer him on in the background. After he challenges Turner, she performs with an impressive number that visibly stuns the students. “Our 8th grade Stingrays are having a well-deserved  dance break before the exams. Of course, our teachers are ending 2022 with a win," wrote Natalie McClain,  Sumner High School's assistant principal, in a tweet accompanying the video.

While Turner's dancing is impressive, one of the best parts of the video is  her amazing relationship with the class. "I'm really trying to emphasise that kids should be themselves and  never be afraid to express themselves, no matter who's watching," says Turner. “You know, there was music, all the kids loved it. So it was like, "Let's do a dance challenge." So I'm like, okay, okay, so everyone have fun. And I said, "I'll connect. I'll join the dance."

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