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We will admit that dogs have their moments. One second they are running into glass doors the next they can be doing something almost human-like – and we know for sure that not all dogs were born with equal intelligence.

The animals in the video below happen to be on the blessed side of the spectrum and their owners have shared the moments their pets amazed them with their intelligence:

  • "My cat yawned, so I stuck a finger in his mouth. He sort of stared at my curiously as he shut his mouth, but didn't bite down hard. A few minutes later, he's sitting on my chest and I yawn. He proceeds to put his whole paw in my mouth."

  • "I had the best dog ever. One night I was fast asleep and he was gently "biting" my hand just enough to wake me up. Once I woke up he started tugging on it as if to say, follow me. It was so weird. SO, I follow him and he leads me to the side door of my house, sits facing the door and barks ever so silently. I then realise someone is outside picking the lock. I called 911. It was a drunk guy, no idea what his intentions were once he got in, but my dog for some reason managed to get him arrested. He probably would have been scared away had my dog just barked, but for some reason the old boy wanted to alert me quietly."

  • "I witnessed this with my uncle's dog. My uncle was lying on the couch and she was lying on his feet and legs. He let out a huge fart which was aimed directly at her face. She lifted her head and glared at him and he started laughing. She got up and walked away in disgust. A few minutes later she came back, jumped up on his chest, stuck her butt in his face, farted on him and then walked away. I laughed so hard I cried and gave her so many treats."

  • "I am diabetic and one night I fell on my carpet from weakness and disorientation. My beloved dog, who now rests in Heaven, brought my emergency kit from my bathroom counter so I could take my medication."

  • "My dog, Roger, will start barking at the front door as if someone is there. My other dog, Flash, will immediately join him. There is no one at the front door, Roger just wanted to take Flash's spot on the bed."

  • "One of my cats learned how to turn the internet off. I mean, he realised everbody goes crazy when he goes behind the TV stand and messes up the wires. So, when we're not paying enough attention to him (usually if we're on our phones or the computer), he just unplugs the router. I don't think he knows how much power he has."

Perhaps our animals could take over the human race one day! Enjoy the video.

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