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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if everything was 'up-sized', or not the shape that we know it to be? Imagine if animals were round, like balloons... hilarious!

Imagine being in lockdown for way to long and finally coming out into nature again. Would the wild animals be able to hunt their pray? Or will the pray be able to bounce away fast enough?

Behold the answer:


A friend of ours had a pot-bellied pig named Girda that would eat literally everything. Eventually, she got so large that her belly constantly dragged on the floor and she refused to leave her pen and wonder around the plot.

She was so fat she had her own gravitational pull.

Eventually, we made her a harness and started dragging her up and down the driveway. After about a year of this, she had shed enough weight that we could get her to the shops and back, a round trip of about five kilometres. The neighbourhood kids thought this was hysterical and, soon enough, she was famous. She even made an appearance at a six-year-olds birthday party.

She was never sleek, but she was happy, and that's all that counts!

Now, think about Santa's raindeer who has to take a trip around the world once a year to deliver everyones presents on Christmas day. Only working once a year, and being stuck in lockdown, unable to travel and excercise, how will they operate if they had put on a couple of pounds?


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