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By now we have learned that most things cats do has a specific meaning for it, even when they are laying in their adorable loaf position. 

Renowned cat expert Jackson Galaxy elaborated on the meaning behind their loaf position. He also explained what to look out for when that position subtly changes. He asked, “What is cat loaf all about?  The first thing that we want to look at is the position itself; we’ve got paws tucked under the whole body body resting basically on arms…This look right here is decidedly cat. Because what this is saying is I’m not going anywhere.”

Galaxy explained that our furry friends’ behaviour in this position usually means that they are comfortable enough to let down “raw cat” defences but still in a position to get up quickly if the need arises. As most of us know, cats love to seek out heat as they run a little cold and this position allows the cat to retain body heat.

“So you may see your loafing cat take their tail and wrap it around their body again it’s all about the preservation of body heat…cats are heat seeking missiles.”

Galaxy also advises humans to be on the look out for the half-loaf position, where the cat is sitting on their feet, as this can be an indication of danger or illness. 

He explained, “Fight and fleeing are both contained in this one little position …if you have something going on in your house where your cat normally would be loafing but they’re into the semi-loaf and nothing has changed …. that actually could be an indication that your cat’s not feeling all that well, because they’re feeling more exposed to threat and they’re feeling more vulnerable. And a lot of times with cats that’s because their physical condition is not to their standards of being able to fight or flee.”

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