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Have you ever noticed and wondered why the food in the commercials looks so dang delicious, as though every single ingredient has been placed on just the right place for the perfect bite? Well, it is meant to look like that.

Over the centuries of advertising food, creates and food experts have mastered the way of portraying food in commercials. 

In an interview with Business Insider, food design experts, Steve Giralt, Brett Kurzweil, production designer Paola Andrea Ramirez, and rigger Matt Huber from The Garage at Industry City in Brooklyn, New York, explained the immensely wild and creative ways fast food commercials are shot.

According to the experts, “It takes dozens of people, expensive robots, and fancy cameras to bring a fast food commercial to life. But they use real food on set, so they work against the clock to film each take before it starts to wilt.” Giralt deconstructed a hamburger with all the fixings back in 2016 with the use of robotics which Giralt and his team still use  to the day. “The robot obviously is a hugely complicated and expensive thing that’s used for a lot of what we do. But if you only just need a straight—line movement pulling back, it’s easier to set up a simple machine that just does a single type of movement.”

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