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Animals in the wild can be very unexpected. Some may be overjoyed seeing friendly visitors and might just want to get a closer look. 

During one recent event a very excited elephant couldn’t help but greet his unexpected visitor. A journalist made a visit to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya to report about the orphaned elephants. 

While in the middle of his reporting, a little pachyderm named Kidani where overjoyed and couldn’t contain her playful personality. Kidani used her trunk to playfully distract the KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda from his assignment and steal the spotlight for herself.

“Everyone wants to be the star! Kindani was so inspired by Alvin’s performance that she decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight.”
The TV journalist is never bothered by the elephant playing with him, and it's his sweet reaction—first keeping calm, and then just giggling and turning to the elephant as if it was an old friend poking at him—that makes it all an adorable exchange.

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