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Everybody's journey through education is unique. After high school, some people breeze through college, while others return years later. That was Minnie Payne's situation. The native of South Carolina went back to school at the age of 68 after retiring, and at the age of 73, she eventually obtained her highly desired undergraduate degree. Rather than halting there, Payne pursued further education at the University of Northern Texas, where she is now the oldest graduate with a master's degree at age 90. 

Payne's grandson will walk her across the stage to collect her well-deserved diploma. She was extremely motivated to learn something new and accomplish her goal, even though she was older than the other pupils. According to UNT, "Minnie Payne is making history and it's never too late to learn." "#UNTGreatGrad and Toulouse Graduate School student Minnie Payne's love of writing and her upbeat attitude made college a joy rather than an obligation." Minnie Payne is the oldest UNT graduate to finish her coursework. 

Payne worked as a substitute teacher and court reporter in a South Carolina textile mill community before achieving her ultimate goal. Following her retirement, she enrolled at Texas Woman's University (TWU) for college. The driven seventy-nine-year-old graduated with a bachelor's degree in general studies a few years later. The self-described "lifelong learner," who is now nonagenarian, holds a master's degree in interdisciplinary studies.

After graduation, Payne already has a new job lined up in Houston. She's going to be employed at a local magazine. "I don't intend to stop working," she declared. "I've always aimed to get better at myself. At sixty-eight, I was retired and not doing anything useful. And I live by the philosophy of always trying to do something positive. We hope Payne finds success in her new endeavour. 

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