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Designer Lucy Litman matches food items with Pantone swatches to celebrate the beauty of colour found in the world. In an ongoing series, the creative has been matching sweet and savoury treats with their solid-coloured counterparts for months. Litman started the visual project with cereal—Fruit Loops in particular—using the hashtag #pantoneposts. She used it as a meditative technique to decompress after demanding workdays. However, after relocating to California, where she was surrounded by a wider array of vibrant produce, she began to pursue more artistic pursuits.

Litman excitedly explains how easy it is to find fruits, vegetables, and snacks in so many colours during her interview with Hello Giggles. She said, “It's really not difficult! Nature is pretty amazing and gives us foods of every colour and shade! What amazes me is the variety within each type of food – a lime can be about a dozen different colours depending on the type and how ripe it is.”

When it comes to matching the colours, the artist says, “My process is putting all of the foods on a baking tray, sitting by my window for natural light, and matching them one by one. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get the right colours.” And not one bit of food goes to waste as Litman added that she eats every bit.

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