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During the day, Hisashi Ito runs Megane Tokei Ito, a clock and glasses shop in Japan. But in his spare time, he upcycles leftover materials into imaginative animal sculptures using his device repair knowledge. These one-of-a-kind creations fuse leftover plastic and metal parts to create a variety of animals, including frogs, cats, and insects. To give his shop a distinct aesthetic and express his creative ideas, Ito started creating miniature sculptures in 2015.

His experience as a clock repairman and optometrist gives him a distinct advantage when operating on such a small scale. His mechanical statuettes are so small that they can all rest on his fingers or even fit in the palm of his hand. 

The close-up pictures he uploads to Instagram give us an idea of the amount of detail that goes into each piece, even though it's difficult to comprehend. For example, in a dragonfly model, viewers can see a lot of tiny metal pieces that are put together very carefully to form the insect's body and its delicate wings. Similarly, Ito builds up the appearance of bulk for the frog in his sculpture by layering numerous tiny pieces of metal and plastic. He even refines his method to ensure that the distinctive feet are distinctly visible. 

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